Code to FlowChart

Code to FlowChart 2.1

Generates Flowcharts/NS Charts from the source code

Loads source code from various programming languages (C, C++, VC++, Pascal and Delphi) and generates flowcharts/NS charts.

Reviewing and analyzing code could be a difficult task, but a tool such as Code to FlowChart can help you with that matter, as it takes your code - written in C or Pascal - and gives you a visual representation of it.

The interface is simple and easy to understand. After running the program, just open your code file in the main window and click on the "Play" button - you will see the flowchart generated from your code appearing next to it. It is possible to edit the code once it is loaded, but it cannot be either created from zero, or copied and pasted - two options that would certainly speed up your work.

The diagrams are showed by functions - every time you click on a different function, a new diagram is drawn according to that function. Blocks are well known and studied on any computer programming course; and to help you recognize them, each type of block is drawn here in a different color. Sometimes you will see blocks with the word "set" written on them - this means that this portion is contracted and that it can be expanded by double-clicking on it. When you click on a block, the corresponding lines are highlighted in the code, so you can identify everything easily.

Once generated, diagrams can be exported to MS Visio, MS Word, or as a bitmap. This is a very simple operation, and a very practical feature when writing reports about your code as homework, for example.

The languages supported are C, C++, Visual C++, Pascal, and Delphi. Even though the C branch is supported, a big and important part of it is not considered - the Standard Template Library (or STL), which has been a standard and a widely-used library for many years. Thus, if you have a STL queue with operations attached to it, all of them will be drawn by the program as one single block. STL is fully widespread, and it is so useful that Code to FlowChart should consider supporting it.

C and Pascal are well known languages, and have been widely used in different platforms, and with Code to FlowChart you can analyze code of different systems and processors, such as code for servers, desktop computers, or devices. When Code to FlowChart finds some code that cannot understand, it draws a block for it and continues with what remains.

Sometimes, written code is difficult to understand - especially for beginners - but Code to FlowChart can help you by showing you a visual equivalent to that code. As a developer, it can also help you to write reports about the functionality of your code, and especially by finding out bugs, always so annoying for all developers.

Review summary


  • It supports C, C++, Visual C++, Pascal, and Delphi
  • Diagrams can be exported as MS Word, MS Visio, or bitmap files
  • Diagrams are generated fast and easily


  • It is not possible to copy and paste code
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